Potential Benefits of Class 4 Laser

What does research tell us about potential Class IV laser therapy benefits? Some of the most popular applications for this type of laser treatment are:

1. Can Reduce Inflammation, Aches and Pains

Intended uses of Class IV laser devices include:

  • Promoting relaxation of muscles and providing relief from muscle spasms
  • Reducing minor joint aches, pain and stiffness
  • Temporarily decreasing arthritis symptoms
  • Helping to increase blood circulation

A recent review of published studies has found that photobiomodulation treatments appear to be “effective, safe treatments in a variety of conditions,” when devices were used for indications “including pain, cognitive dysfunction, wound healing, diabetic macular edema, and postprocedural side effects.”

Their mechanism of action is photochemical, meaning that light energy causes chemical reactions inside cells that help to reduce inflammation and pain. This is a key, distinguishing factor that sets these treatments apart from other approaches.

Class 4 lasers are also now being recognized as optimal devices for reaching deep tissues that are tied to pain. Higher doses of light and higher output are needed to deliver appropriate doses of energy, due to the large portion of light that is absorbed, reflected or scattered at the skin’s surface. Less powerful lasers may not work if they cannot penetrate deep enough to provide any stimulating effect.

Other considerations in the overall depth of penetration and success of treatment include specific wavelengths and how they interact with the skin. Some light is absorbed more at the surface with darker skin or hair color than another wavelength. Additional features of a medical laser can include continuous wave or pulsing operations that also assist in achieving better results.

2. May Help with Recovery from Acute and Chronic Injuries

Using Class IV laser therapy for overcoming both acute and chronic injuries, such as tendonitis or damage to the knees, are among the most common applications. Not only do treatments address damaged tissues in specific areas of the body (knees, shoulders, back, etc.), but they also affect related issues. Overcompensation in some muscles, back pain or poor posture tied to overuse and inflammation may be improved.

Treatments have been shown to provide relief and boost recovery by reducing pain and inflammation as well as stimulating nerve regeneration, muscle relaxation and immune system response.

3. Used to Treat Skin Conditions Including Wounds and Scars

Emerging research, in both human and veterinary applications, suggests that photobiomodulation can lead to significant stimulation of healing in many types of wounds, burns and scars. Therapy lasers are used on a regular basis for managing wounds in the veterinary market (feline, canine and equine).

However, lasers are not currently cleared by the FDA specifically for wound therapy in humans. A physician may use a therapy laser for wound care but this would be considered off-label usage. It is anticipated that these applications will be become more prevalent as new studies are published and the FDA grants specific clearance.

Additional post-surgery applications with therapy lasers are emerging as a viable treatment to reduce infections and induce faster healing times, by up to 50 percent, for surgical incision sites.

4. May Help Treat Neuropathy

Therapy lasers are increasingly being used as an effective treatment for neuropathy and there are a number of clinical studies indicating positive outcomes.

Some companies in the laser therapy business have been selling lasers on the internet for home use, often touting the same results as devices used in a medical office. These lasers are typically Class I, II, III or LED products and will have little or no therapy benefits due to their low power.  A powerful product like a Class IV laser is essential for providing the most benefits.

If you have been thinking about HEALING with CLASS 4 LASER in San Pedro, please call or text to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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