Wellness-based Retreats for MEN ONLY!

In the future we will add “Alpha Couples Only” Escapes as well!!

Networking to build your empire and make professional connections!

Win cash and prizes: Invite your buddies!

Once we hit 1,000 members we will NOT invite any more members!

1 Day — 2 Day — 3 Day Escapes in California!!

—-Reclaim your health
—-Give your body/mind a well-deserved rest
—-Reclaim your physical and mental health
—-Redefine your health and lifestyle habits
—-Recharge your batteries

Locations: TBD
—Most escapes will be in California. Then expand!
—All escapes will be geared toward living a better life for your mind body and soul. Connecting with the other members. Wellness based guest speakers. Mostly Doctors.
—-Affiliates that join our group will offer ways to win cash, gifts and prizes in hopes that you will build a relationship with them. No obligations of course.

Doctor Zo, DC

Let’s connect!

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