What is a staycation vacation?

A staycation is when you take a vacation relatively close to your home. You can go somewhere new for a day, overnight, a week, or as long as you want! But the point of a staycation is that you are staying in your general area.

The Top Benefits Of A Staycation

  • Staycations Are Affordable.
  • They Have Reduced Travel Time.
  • Your Pet Can Come Too.
  • They Support The Local Economy.
  • You Can Staycation From Anywhere In The World.
  • There’s No Jetlag.
  • You Can Be A Tourist In Your Own Country.
  • You’ll Feel Refreshed And Recharged Afterwards

Why is staycation important?

On a staycation, you will be guaranteed privacy and peace of mind. … A staycation is just as amazing a travel idea as it sounds – all the luxury, within a stone’s throw of your home. A staycation also promotes the local economy and is great for the family. They’re easier to plan and also allow for more time to relax.

Why staycation is better than vacation?

Staycations help you save time and money over a typical vacation. You’ll minimize travel expenses, including airline tickets, rental cars, accommodations, and eating out.

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