About Us

Every year in the United States, there are approximately 2.5 million weddings. The United States wedding industry was estimated to be worth $53.4 billion as of 2013.

This group is aimed at California Doctors and experts in Wellness, Health and Fitness that can help couples getting married. A healthier lifestyle BEFORE the big wedding and honeymoon is ideal for the couple.

We are ready to help if needed. This includes bridesmaids and grooms, friends and family of the couple.

Variety is the key. We need representation in all major counties like LA, OC, IE and SD.

Soon we will make an impact at all future Wedding Expo’s in Southern California.
Online Consultations/Telemedicine is a MUST.

We will have Zooms and LIVE mixers to get to know each other as well for referrals.

We will collectively make an impact for couples hoping to have a healthy marriage, a healthy family and a happy home!!

Join us!!

WeddingWellness. Team

Doctor Zo, DC

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